Rapid Security

Rapid Security OÜ, an international security company operating in three Baltic countries, belongs to the Scandinavian group Rapid Säkheret AB.

The experienced specialists and trained engineers of Rapid Security, which offers high-tech security solutions, ensure security even in the most complex object. The modern security and call center operating in Estonia guards customers’ property in three countries and also offers call center outsourcing services.

The high quality of the services of all Rapid Group and its subsidiaries, including Rapid Security, is confirmed by international ISO certificates. In Sweden, Rapid Security has repeatedly been awarded the title of Security Company of the Year.

Rapid Security’s parent company Rapid Säkheret AB is one of the major players in the Swedish security market. More than 60,000 Swedish customers are connected to the Rapid control center. For many years, Rapid Säkerhet has been awarded the title of Swedish Security Company of the Year. In Sweden, Rapid guards many public authorities, private companies and large construction sites. Many companies, including security companies, use Rapid Säkerhet’s Swedish call center as their control center.


The second decade in Estonia

Rapid Security was founded in 2002 by local entrepreneurs from Narva, who operated in the company until 2008. The company was then sold to Mats Gabrielsson, a Swedish company related to Kreenholm, and the company became a subsidiary of Rapid Säkerhet AB, owned by Gabrielsson Invest AB.

Mats Gabrielsson is a big fan of Narva, who contributes a lot to the development of the former Kreenholm area – the best example of this is the renovated gatehouse of the Kreenholm factory, where 10,000 employees a day passed through during the heyday of the textile factory and which today is home to Rapid Security. Mats Gabrielsson also has a production company Giab Machining OÜ in Narva and a real estate development company Narva Gate, which is developing the Kreenholm industrial area.




Wide and high quality range of services

Security company Rapid Security offers security and safety to customers in Scandinavia and the Baltics. Reliable and fast service allows the customer to commit to the most important thing – their own business.

The high quality of the services of all Rapid Group and its subsidiaries, including Rapid Security, is confirmed by international ISO certificates. Rapid Security combines high-tech security solutions into a flexible and efficient complete service.

With the help of a motivated team and high level partners, Rapid Security’s range of services covers the entire value chain, from technical and manned guard to the design and construction of security systems and the delivery of equipment. In addition to security services, Rapid Security control and call center also offers call center services to the most demanding customers in the Baltics.




Help from artificial intelligence

Customers are offered special solutions. The aim is to replace human labor with artificial intelligence, for example, the gates do not have to be opened by a security guard sitting at the factory gate; this operation can be done automatically via a video camera. In addition, the operator of the control center can talk to the customer via a video camera, if there is a blockage behind the gate or if the cameras realize that there is something wrong in the guarded area.

In short: Rapid Security programs a variety of surveillance and video systems to help reduce labor shortages, while unemployed security personnel can go to productive and higher-paying jobs.





10-fold increase in turnover

Rapid Security is a fast-growing security company with a turnover of 2.2 million. In the last 4 years, the growth has been 10-fold. The goal is to reach a turnover of 15 million in 10 years and to expand to the Finnish, Latvian and Lithuanian markets.

The company employs more than 30 people, men and women in equal numbers. Vallo Põldma, Chairman and CEO of the Management Board, has worked for the company since 2012, other members of the Management Board Jaanus Mikk and Mats B. Adman have been on the Management Board of Rapid Security since 2008.

Language training and trips in Estonia for employees

Rapid organizes annual language courses for its employees, the tradition is to spend 2-3 days in different places in Estonia during the summer. The employees have gone on guided tours in Tartu, Pärnu, Saaremaa, Värska, Käsmu, etc., to get to know different places in Estonia and become acquainted with Estonian culture and history.

People have said that the management has done more integration in 5 years than the Estonian state in 27 years.

Support for cultural events

Rapid Security also supports culture. When a major event takes place in Narva, the company buys a number of tickets to invite its customers from Narva and Tallinn to the concert. This gives the people of Narva an opportunity to get acquainted with Estonian culture and the people of Tallinn to get to know the city of Narva and the management center of the company.